Tald (ta) is a unit of length approximately equal to the average height of an adult human — 5.5 feet, 66 inches, 1.83 yards, 16.5 hands, or 167.64 centimeters. Tald comes from the Welsh word taldra, meaning stature. The unit is used mainly to specify human heights, as well as heights of other things like trees and buildings. The average height of adult men in the United States is 1.052 ta (5'9"5‴, 176.4 cm). The average height of adult women in the United States is 0.967 ta (5'3"10‴, 162.1 cm). So the average height in both adult sexes living in the United States is 1.008 ta (5'6"7‴, 169.0 cm). The average height around the world is estimated to be slightly below 1 tald. For example, PlanetStar stands 0.9831 ta (5'4"10.6‴, 164.80 cm) tall, which is relatively short for an adult man. Hopefully in the future, this unit shall pass on to the literature so tald will be as commonly used to determine human heights as feet/inches or centimeters.

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