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This is a wiki about the ideas of the user PlanetStar. It contains things like extrasolar planets, invented measurement units, and other things like the Future of Major League Baseball and Koft operation.

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  • May is the Flower Month while June is the Butterfly Month.
  • The top two colors for Mother’s Day are pink and green while that of Father’s Day are light blue and tan.
  • Links also means a golf course.
  • There are lakes and seas of liquid methane and ethane on Saturn’s moon Titan.
  • Our moon is the only moon in the solar system that does not orbit the planet around its equator.
  • Satellites can be dragged by passing through auroras.
  • There are forces other than gravity such as electromagnetism that can also be expressed in a geometric continuum, represented as space-time fabric for gravity.
  • The only difference in the reciprocal of the irrational number 1.61803399… (the golden ratio) is the number before the decimal point.
  • We wouldn’t exist if speeds of sound and light were swapped.
  • There was the previous universe before the Big Bang.
  • Helium hydride was the first molecule made after the Big Bang.
  • Wonder Woman can block gunshots using her metal wristband.
  • There is a band called Wednesday 13.
  • Brad Rutter never lost a Jeopardy game to a human contestant.
  • Music Day is June 21.
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