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This is a wiki about the ideas of the user PlanetStar. It contains things like extrasolar planets, invented measurement units, and other things like the Future of Major League Baseball and Koft operation.

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  • Cat’s nose is wetter than a wet rag.
  • A pineapple was termed due to its resemblance to pine cone and historically thought to resemble an apple.
  • One of the episodes of the TV show Holey Moley is titled “I Think We Just Made History on Uranus”.
  • The colored name of the full moon in August is called the Red Moon, in September is called the Yellow Moon, and October is the Orange Moon.
  • Tides are caused mostly by the gravitational pull of the moon.
  • New study suggests solar flares could cause earthquakes.
  • The star Betelgeuse in Orion could explode as a supernova any day now.
  • The names of Pluto’s moons Nix and Hydra were taken chiefly from the initials of New Horizons craft that flew by Plutonian system.
  • New York Yankees used to be called the Highlanders (almost homophonic with NHL’s NY Islanders).
  • Chicago White Sox almost moved to St. Petersburg, Florida in late 1980s.
  • On August 24, 1919 Cleveland Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell Jr. got struck by lightning then, knocked unconscious, then retired the last batter of the game.
  • Late former MLB pitcher Mike McCormick is the one who hit the 500th ever home run by a pitcher and served up 500th career home run to Hank Aaron.
  • In an episode of Futurama titled “A Flight to Remember”, a spaceship named Titanic got sunk into a black hole.
  • The October Noir song "Lavender" talks about the singer’s late grandmother, whose favorite color is lavender.
  • Vocalist Max Cavalera was going to name the sixth Soulfly album Cobra after the Android app he likes before he came up with the title Conquer.
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