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This is a wiki about the ideas of the user PlanetStar. It contains things like hypothetical elements, extrasolar planets, invented measurement units, and other things like the Future of Major League Baseball and Koft operation.

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  • Quark-gluon plasma can be considered the fifth state of matter.
  • Planck velocity is the speed of light.
  • The Danjon scale measures the redness of lunar eclipse from 0–4.
  • The constellation of Chamaeleon is sometimes referred as the Frying Pan in Australia.
  • William Herschel discovered Uranus and named them George’s Star.
  • Despite being the closest planet to the sun and is very hot, there's ice on Mercury.
  • Rising CO2 level would cause humidity to rise in addition to temperature.
  • Melting of ice caps lead to more snow and ice in lower latitudes.
  • Rings of Saturn only came around since the reign of dinosaurs.
  • All seven crew members aboard Challenger survived the shuttle explosion before they fell into the ocean and died.
  • Cincinnati Reds is the oldest MLB franchise, dating back to 1869.
  • Don Larson didn't know he threw a perfect game when he made the final out of the 1956 World Series game.
  • 66 equals the number where 60% of its digits are 6.
  • Nirvana was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame despite releasing only three albums.
  • Pink is the inverse color of green.