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This page lists 23 colors that are distinct enough to warrant the inclusion, including 11 basic color terms. Or in other words is a mere extension of basic color scheme. The colors included in the scheme are red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, pink, cyan, lime, peach, magenta, lavender, maroon, navy, olive, mauve, teal, umber, murk, black, gray, and white.

The basic color terms are red, blue, yellow, green, orange, purple, brown, pink, black, gray, and white. The additional colors are merely shades of at least one of the basic colors listed. For example, cyan is light greenish blue, magenta is deep pink, maroon is dark red, umber is dark grayish yellow-brown, and murk is dark grayish purple. Lime is a light green color that is referred to as green in digital applications and web development, while regular green popularly refers to a dark-medium shade of it.

List of colors[]

Color Temp Type Components Inverse color RB opposite RG opposite GB opposite
red warm primary cyan blue lime N/A
blue cool primary yellow red N/A lime
yellow warm primary blue cyan N/A magenta
green cool secondary blue, yellow ultra pink N/A maroon navy blue
orange warm secondary red, yellow azure azure screamin' green rose
purple cool secondary red, blue screamin' green N/A teal olive
brown warm monochromatic orange, black sky blue blue-green olive green Tyrian purple
pink neutral monochromatic red, white pine green pale violet cyan-lime pale orange
teal cool monochromatic cyan, black tea rose olive purple N/A
maroon warm monochromatic red, black electric blue navy blue green N/A
cyan cool monochromatic blue, green, white red yellow magenta N/A
magenta cool monochromatic purple, pink lime N/A cyan yellow
navy cool monochromatic blue, black sorcerer yellow maroon N/A green
peach warm monochromatic yellow, pink sapphire baby blue pale lime pale pink
lime cool monochromatic green, white magenta N/A red blue
olive warm monochromatic yellow, black royal blue teal N/A purple
lavender cool monochromatic purple, white hunter green pink lavender very soft blue very soft green
mauve warm monochromatic pink, black celadon murk MD dark cyan-lime MD dark orange
umber warm monochromatic peach, black cove blue MD dark blue MD dark green MD dark pink
murk cool monochromatic lavender, black laurel green mauve VD grayish blue VD grayish green
black warm achromatic white N/A N/A N/A
gray cool achromatic black, white gray N/A N/A N/A
white cool achromatic black N/A N/A N/A

Comparative tones[]

red orange peach yellow lime cyan blue magenta pink lavender white
maroon brown umber olive green teal navy purple mauve murk gray

Compound colors[]

The table shows the results if two colors are mixed together.

+ red blue yellow green orange purple brown pink cyan lime peach magenta lavender maroon navy olive mauve teal umber murk black gray white
red red purple orange chocolate scarlet aubergine fire engine red raspberry gray olive salmon rose brink pink free speech red Tyrian purple rust mulberry red robin salmon red cardinal maroon indian red light coral
blue purple blue gray blue-green Chinese violet blue-purple liberty heliotrope azure teal electric indigo twilight indigo light indigo indigo medium blue storm purple precious blue teal blue blue gem empire blue navy winter night heaven blue
yellow orange gray yellow chartreuse amber peru green gold peach-yellow bright green spring bud light red confetti mellow yellow rust highball electric yellow Earls green mantis beer green brass olive celery light yellow
green chocolate blue-green chartreuse green citron slate dark olive storm green jungle green spring green moss light red fern dullive navy teal olive green artichoke green UNT green Bilbao green San Felix green deep forest fern green de york
orange scarlet Chinese violet amber citron orange russet rust salmon atomic tangerine fern peach-orange violet red tea rose persimmon red robin dark goldenrod orange-tan highball pirate gold bourbon brown Persian orange pale orange
purple aubergine blue-purple peru slate russet purple puce fuchsia light indigo fern green rosy mauve deep magenta orchid Tyrian purple indigo red robin palatinate storm purple cosmic purple seance dark purple purple-gray lilac
brown fire engine red liberty green gold dark olive rust puce brown rosy brown jade level green tussock red-violet desert auburn Mardi Gras olive brown cumin artichoke green hot curry old copper seal brown dun rodeo dust
pink raspberry heliotrope peach-yellow storm green salmon fuchsia contessa pink Easter blue milkshake green apricot brink pink pink lavender marsala royal purple twine meteor light slate gray rosy brown morning purple mauve pastel pink baby pink
cyan gray azure bright green jungle green atomic tangerine light indigo jade Easter blue cyan sea green aquamarine sky blue periwinkle royal purple cerulean medium sea green sea teal robin egg blue sea turquoise deep robin egg blue teal verdigris celeste
lime olive teal spring bud spring green fern fern green level green milkshake green sea green lime mint green gray SGBUS green forest green UNT green Kelly green soothing green dark pastel Kelly green salad green green mantis light green
peach salmon true lavender canary yellow moss peach-orange rosy mauve tan apricot aquamarine mint green peach rose pink lavender pink makeup topaz sundance old rose bay leaf fallow bronco umber khaki cream
magenta rose electric indigo light red purple-gray violet red deep magenta red-violet brink pink sky blue gray rose pink magenta orchid mulberry French violet medium red-violet steel pink dark orchid orchid fusion somber purple purple deep fuchsia ultra pink
lavender brink pink light indigo mellow yellow fern tea rose orchid desert pink lavender periwinkle SGBUS green lavender pink orchid lavender bulberry blue marguerite beaver purpura air force blue bouquet Purple Mountain's majesty murk thistle pale lavender
maroon free speech red indigo dark goldenrod dullive persimmon Tyrian purple auburn marsala paradiso forest green makeup mulberry bulberry maroon dark purple brown scarlet dark gray crab apple claret burnt auburn chestnut redwood
navy Tyrian purple medium blue highball navy teal red robin indigo Mardi Gras royal purple cerulean UNT green topaz French violet blue marguerite dark purple navy dark gray Spanish violet blue-green navy gray murky blue midnight blue storm purple moody blue
olive persimmon storm purple electric yellow olive green tangerine redwood bronze twine fern strong green sandy brown medium red-violet beaver brown dark gray olive raw umber fern green pesto lumber dullive highball dark yellow
mauve mulberry precious blue Earls green artichoke green orange-tan palatinate cumin meteor sea teal soothing green old rose steel pink purpura eminence Spanish violet raw umber mauve tax break rust umber murky purple purple doom Chinese violet silver pink
teal red robin teal blue mantis UNT green highball storm purple artichoke green light slate gray robin egg blue dark pastel bay leaf dark orchid air force blue dark gray blue-green fern green tax break teal viridian blumine navy teal paradiso Tiffany blue
umber salmon red blue gem beer green Bilbao green pirate gold cosmic purple hot curry rosy brown sea turquoise Kelly green fallow orchid fusion bouquet crab apple navy gray pesto rust umber viridian umber murky umber birch arrowtown phantom gray
murk cardinal empire blue brass San Felix green bourbon seance old copper morning purple deep robin egg blue salad green bronco somber purple Purple Mountain's majesty claret murky blue lumber murky purple blumine murky umber murk blackcurrant nickel chatelle
black maroon navy olive deep forest brown dark purple seal brown mauve teal green umber purple murk burnt auburn midnight blue turtle green purple doom navy teal birch blackcurrant black dark gray gray
gray indian red winter night celery fern green Persian orange purple-gray dun pastel pink verdigris mantis khaki deep fuchsia thistle chestnut storm purple highball Chinese violet paradiso arrowtown nickel dark gray gray silver
white light coral heaven blue light yellow de york pale orange lilac rodeo dust baby pink celeste light green cream ultra pink pale lavender redwood moody blue dark yellow silver pink Tiffany blue phantom gray chatelle gray silver white